What I’m Shopping: Anthropologie President’s Day Sale

 Our beloved Anthropologie is running a fantastic sale with an extra 40% off all sale styles.  The sale starts February 16 and lasts the entire long weekend. Here is what I’ve got my eye (and probably pennies) on…

1) McGuire Sherpa Seamed Jacket | style no. 4133462970551 $328 $54

2) Asymmetrical Ruffle Top | style no. 4112572316928 $58  $12

3) Laced Terry Sweatshirt | style no. 4112090621620 $88 $18

4) Cava Knit Shell | style no. 4112277332016 $20 $12

5) Rosay Sweater & Slipdress | style no. 4130086694829 $178 $30

6) Chambray One-Shoulder Top | style no. 4110259834488 $78 $24


What I'm Shopping.png



Let’s Get Scentual

The older I get, the important scent has become to my daily routine. It is such a personal and subtle way to leave an impression and make a memory.  In fact, most of my favorite moments are defined by smell rather than words.   About three years ago I fell in love with my first “signature fragrance.”  Stella by Stella McCartney will forever be my go-to. I am obsessed with the way that it makes rose smell sexy and not too grandmothery (no offense to all the G-Mas out there!).  From there I moved onto Jo Malone’s English Pear & Freesia perfume.  For me, it has become a daytime fragrance that is earthy and floral – which seems to be my scent of choice for perfume – and also light enough that it does not overpower when working in a full office (oh joy for open office spaces).  While these two scents will forever hold a place in my heart – and my nightstand – I recently had the biggest fragrance love affair of all time. While on vacation, I was talking to a friend of a friend when a whiff passed my way. The smell was so lovely and powerful that I immediately had to stop the conversation and ask this stranger what she was wearing. Less than 24 hours later I was running around the streets of Venice Beach during a monsoon trying to find the boutique of my fragrance dreams. Cut to 25 minutes later, and $90 dollars poorer, I had my small .25 fl rollerball of Le Labo’s Santal 33. I kid you not…this scent is a game. changer.  It smells like sandalwood wrapped in joy, sunshine, love and hugs.

I share this story because not only do I think that everyone should have a signature scent, but more importantly, there are some things in life that are worth the splurge. I know, I know….what am I talking about? Isn’t this a sale shopping blog? Why yes, it is…you are not lost (and please don’t leave!). We shop the bargains to have the splurges. For me, scent is that splurge. It makes whatever outfit I’m wearing feel red-carpet worthy and brings a confident smile to my face on days when I just don’t want to face the world. So go on and treat yourself this Valentine’s Day!


Scentual 28 Jan 2017 (1).png

All good things…never come to an end

We’re backkkkkkk. After a brief hiatus (okay about a 9 month break),  we’re back and ready to rock ‘n roll all over this sale shopping blog! What can we say? Our deals are just too drool worthy not to share. We can’t leave our salers out in the full-price retail space all alone. Be on the look out for new blog posts, daily twitter sale alerts (@allhailthesale) and oodles of Instagram (filters options, we’re all about that real life look). As always, be sure to tag us when you find amazing deals and steals. We need to share the wealth to save the wealth, ya dig? Okay, here we go….

Shop Right Now: AEO Leggings

Stop what you are doing and head on over to American Eagle Outfitters! For the next two days (through April 28), AEO is running a 60% off clearance items sale. One of my all time favorite AEO items are their exercise leggings. Not only do they come in fun prints but they are almost always high-waisted, which is an absolutely must in my exercise wardrobe. It’s hard enough to get to the gym and the last thing you want to deal with once you get there is saggy leggings!

Last night, I snagged these 4 beauties for a grand total of $35! Another thing I love about AEO is that they participate in Shop Runner. Shop Runner is a boutique shipping service that officers free 2-day shipping for a variety of retailers. PLUS it’s a free perk with most American Express credit cards!

AEO Leggings

Get to shopping my little salers before the clearance ship sails!

Weekly Shopping Round-up

Every week (or every other depending on how our bank accounts are looking), we will pull together our most drool-worthy bargain buys and share them with you all – our loyal salers! Please share your steals & deals by Tweeting and tagging us @allhailthesale. Okay, now onto the good stuff….

First off is a non-clothing item but a beauty non-the less. Walking past Urban Outfitters, I noticed they were running a 30% off sale and just had to stop in. The racks were very picked over so I made my way over to the accessories area. There, I found this Herschel duffel bag in camo! Camo (along with paisley) is one of my all time favorite prints but more on that later. This duffel retails for $65 but was marked down to $40+ an additional 30% off which brought the grand total down to $28! This is a perfect bag for summer weekend getaways!

herschel duffel

Just looking at this bag, I can smell the ocean & summertime rest!


As I am sure you are all fully aware of by now, Anthropologie ran a fantastic 40% of all sale items promotion last week. Quickly scrolling through the online inventory in between meetings with my boss and conference calls, I was about to piece together a sizable shopping cart. The only bummer with this purchase is that I had to pay shipping (which is something that we at All Hail The Sale absolutely hate doing) but the cheap prices plus the availability of my desired items in my size made it an easy easier pill to swallow. Here are the goodies that I gobbled up (from left to right):

  • Pieced Denim Dress ($168) $30
  • Jacquard Trimmed Leggings ($68) $12
  • Highland Vest ($148) $24
  • Avery Off-the-Shoulder Tee ($78) $24

Last, but not least, I scored this summer essential khaki blazer from ShopGoodwill.com. The blazer was listed as New With Tags and is from J.Crew meaning that retails for about $198 (see here). My grand total was $13 otherwise known as a 93% discount! Here is a semi-side by side comparison:

What were your best bargain buys this week? Tweet & tag us. As always, continue to hail the sale!

Shop Goodwill.com

One of my favorite things to do on lazy days is to cruise Shopgoodwill.com.  Known to few, this website is the eBay equivalent of Goodwill shopping. The website is the online shopping affiliate to Goodwill.org, a non-profit thrift-like shop that helps those in need with educations, skills training and job opportunities. Not only is Goodwill a fantastic organization, it is also a treasure trove of fashion finds.

When shopping at Shopgoodwill.org it’s important to remember that nearly all of these goods are pre-owned, meaning that scuffed shoe soles & sweater holes are common. But, with a little elbow grease, you can almost always get these fashion finds looking as good as new in no time. Here are a few other tips shopping at Shopgoodwill.org:

  1. Look at ALL of the Pictures– Sometimes the clip nail photo will look perfect but when you look at the other pictures you will signs of damage.
  2. Create a Watch List– The watch list feature lets you save your favorite items & keep an eye on them until the auction is over. If there is something that I really really want, I usually set a reminder on my phone for an hour before the auction ends.
  3. Check the Shipping Details – Each item has an option to get an estimate for shipping & handling. Sometimes this amount, depending on where you live, can be double the amount of the actual item! Be sure to factor this into your purchase price budget.
  4. Set a Budget –  It is very easy to get carried away in a shopping auction setting (cut to my $80 bid on a beat up Kitchen Aid mixer). To avoid buyers remorse, set a budget for your desired item and, most importantly, stick to it!
  5. Shop by Section  – There is an overwhelming amount of goods on Shopgoodwill.com. Typically when I check out the site, I shop by sections. For example, today I only focused on Shoes & Accessories. Doing this helps avoid shoppers fatigue and ensures that you do not miss a fantastic sale find.

Above all, have fun & be creative! There are a bunch of really funky and unique finds on Shopgoodwill.com. Thinking outside of the box will allow you to scoop up that Kangaroo fur clutch (see below) and rock the scene at your next cocktail hour.

Here are a few of my favorite finds from today’s virtual visit….

Feragamo Set – Pumps, belt & wallet (current bid price $17.50 – item #29023309)

Feragamo set (4.9.16)

Kangaroo Skin Coin Purse (current bid price $9.99 – item #28929101)

Kangaroo clutch (4.9.16)

RayBan Sunglasses (current bid price $24 – item #28979729)

Rayband Sunglasses (4.9.16)

Fossil Purse Charms (current bid price $5.95 – item #28980163)

Fossil key chains (4.9.16)


Bargain Shopping 101

Bargain shopping is not just a pastime, it’s a lifestyle. I swear by these rules to get the most bang for my fashion-focused buck.

  • Shop when the Sale is On Sale – I very rarely shop just the sale section. Instead, I wait for stores to run promotions to get an additional percentage off the sale price.  Typically these specials get you any extra 30-60% off the already discounted price!
  • Swap Seasons It’s important to think of sale shopping as an all seasons sport.  Right after Christmas is typically when I stock up on bathing suits and summer shoes. Since trends usually last for 3 years, it’s a safe bet to assume that the $20 J.Crew bathing suit you scored in January will be in-style come July.
  • Price Adjustments Price adjustments are a super easy way to save even more money. Most stores offer price adjustments 7 to 14 days after the original date of purchase. In most cases, all you need is your receipt and the original form of payment.  Cashiers will scan the receipt, see if your item has reduced in price, and if it has, will refund you the difference between the new price and the price you originally paid. It really is as simple as that but be sure to verify the store’s policy!
  • Call Customer ServiceNot only can they help you find the one store that has your must-buy that was sold out online but they can also issue refunds, price adjustments and free shipping over the phone! I’ve even had one representative make something that was “final sale” a returnable item. I swear, these folks are little shopping angels.
  • The Discount StoresYou cannot be a true bargain shopper unless you frequent the mainstays of T.J.Maxx and Marshalls; the heaven of sale shopping.  I have made some of my best bargain buys to date at these stores (Hello, $20 Rebecca Minkoff tote, I’m looking at you).  Since the inventory changes weekly at both stores, it’s worth your while to make several trips throughout the month. Similarly, if and when you see something you like, get it, because it most likely will not be there the next time you stop-in.
  • Coupons & Discounts There are plenty of extra ways to save aside from shopping in the sale section (although we always encourage you only shop those sacred racks).  Many stores offer student and teacher discounts of up to 15% off your total bill, including two of our favorites J.Crew & Madewell. Also be sure to check your credit cards for shopping-related perks.

Say it with me, All Hail the Sale!

All Hail the Sale is a bargain shopping blog focused on helping you get the most fashion for the least amount of cash. Bargain shopping is not just a weekend afternoon of fun with some girlfriends, it is a shopping way of life – a marathon sport if you will. In order to get the best buys, you always need to be on your shopping A-game.  After years of practice scouring sales, we are ready to share our tips, tricks and finds with the world to hopefully inspire you to save your pennies while looking fashionable. This blog is intended to be a space for us to share our most drool-worthy bargain finds and bring your attention to ongoing sales!