One of my favorite things to do on lazy days is to cruise  Known to few, this website is the eBay equivalent of Goodwill shopping. The website is the online shopping affiliate to, a non-profit thrift-like shop that helps those in need with educations, skills training and job opportunities. Not only is Goodwill a fantastic organization, it is also a treasure trove of fashion finds.

When shopping at it’s important to remember that nearly all of these goods are pre-owned, meaning that scuffed shoe soles & sweater holes are common. But, with a little elbow grease, you can almost always get these fashion finds looking as good as new in no time. Here are a few other tips shopping at

  1. Look at ALL of the Pictures– Sometimes the clip nail photo will look perfect but when you look at the other pictures you will signs of damage.
  2. Create a Watch List– The watch list feature lets you save your favorite items & keep an eye on them until the auction is over. If there is something that I really really want, I usually set a reminder on my phone for an hour before the auction ends.
  3. Check the Shipping Details – Each item has an option to get an estimate for shipping & handling. Sometimes this amount, depending on where you live, can be double the amount of the actual item! Be sure to factor this into your purchase price budget.
  4. Set a Budget –  It is very easy to get carried away in a shopping auction setting (cut to my $80 bid on a beat up Kitchen Aid mixer). To avoid buyers remorse, set a budget for your desired item and, most importantly, stick to it!
  5. Shop by Section  – There is an overwhelming amount of goods on Typically when I check out the site, I shop by sections. For example, today I only focused on Shoes & Accessories. Doing this helps avoid shoppers fatigue and ensures that you do not miss a fantastic sale find.

Above all, have fun & be creative! There are a bunch of really funky and unique finds on Thinking outside of the box will allow you to scoop up that Kangaroo fur clutch (see below) and rock the scene at your next cocktail hour.

Here are a few of my favorite finds from today’s virtual visit….

Feragamo Set – Pumps, belt & wallet (current bid price $17.50 – item #29023309)

Feragamo set (4.9.16)

Kangaroo Skin Coin Purse (current bid price $9.99 – item #28929101)

Kangaroo clutch (4.9.16)

RayBan Sunglasses (current bid price $24 – item #28979729)

Rayband Sunglasses (4.9.16)

Fossil Purse Charms (current bid price $5.95 – item #28980163)

Fossil key chains (4.9.16)



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