Weekly Shopping Round-up

Every week (or every other depending on how our bank accounts are looking), we will pull together our most drool-worthy bargain buys and share them with you all – our loyal salers! Please share your steals & deals by Tweeting and tagging us @allhailthesale. Okay, now onto the good stuff….

First off is a non-clothing item but a beauty non-the less. Walking past Urban Outfitters, I noticed they were running a 30% off sale and just had to stop in. The racks were very picked over so I made my way over to the accessories area. There, I found this Herschel duffel bag in camo! Camo (along with paisley) is one of my all time favorite prints but more on that later. This duffel retails for $65 but was marked down to $40+ an additional 30% off which brought the grand total down to $28! This is a perfect bag for summer weekend getaways!

herschel duffel

Just looking at this bag, I can smell the ocean & summertime rest!


As I am sure you are all fully aware of by now, Anthropologie ran a fantastic 40% of all sale items promotion last week. Quickly scrolling through the online inventory in between meetings with my boss and conference calls, I was about to piece together a sizable shopping cart. The only bummer with this purchase is that I had to pay shipping (which is something that we at All Hail The Sale absolutely hate doing) but the cheap prices plus the availability of my desired items in my size made it an easy easier pill to swallow. Here are the goodies that I gobbled up (from left to right):

  • Pieced Denim Dress ($168) $30
  • Jacquard Trimmed Leggings ($68) $12
  • Highland Vest ($148) $24
  • Avery Off-the-Shoulder Tee ($78) $24

Last, but not least, I scored this summer essential khaki blazer from ShopGoodwill.com. The blazer was listed as New With Tags and is from J.Crew meaning that retails for about $198 (see here). My grand total was $13 otherwise known as a 93% discount! Here is a semi-side by side comparison:

What were your best bargain buys this week? Tweet & tag us. As always, continue to hail the sale!


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