Shop Right Now: AEO Leggings

Stop what you are doing and head on over to American Eagle Outfitters! For the next two days (through April 28), AEO is running a 60% off clearance items sale. One of my all time favorite AEO items are their exercise leggings. Not only do they come in fun prints but they are almost always high-waisted, which is an absolutely must in my exercise wardrobe. It’s hard enough to get to the gym and the last thing you want to deal with once you get there is saggy leggings!

Last night, I snagged these 4 beauties for a grand total of $35! Another thing I love about AEO is that they participate in Shop Runner. Shop Runner is a boutique shipping service that officers free 2-day shipping for a variety of retailers. PLUS it’s a free perk with most American Express credit cards!

AEO Leggings

Get to shopping my little salers before the clearance ship sails!


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